Top 5 Gold Stocks to Watch Now

By Dale Gillham and Janine Cox |

What is the best way to gain exposure to the price of gold if it continues to rise? Should you be buying physical gold or the top 5 ASX gold stocks to make a profit?

In times of uncertainty, investors have flocked to gold as it is considered a defensive asset that allows you to hedge against a stock portfolio. However, for this to be true gold would need to be rising when the stock market is falling and falling when the stock market is rising, but is this really the case?

Gold has risen 50 per cent in the last four years but will it continue to rise and will it repeat this rise in the next decade or are we likely to see a significant price correction in the years ahead?

In tonight’s show, Dale and Janine will answer these important questions, as well as give you their prediction about where the price of gold is heading in 2021 and the top 5 Australian gold stocks to watch right now.

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