What's Really Happening in the US with COVID-19

By Dale Gillham and Janine Cox |

In tonight’s show, Janine Cox is joined by US market expert Manny Alicandro. Together they share what’s really unfolding in the US and the potential impact this will have on the Australian stock market in the coming months.

The US has continued to grapple with coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest and an economy in turmoil, yet the US stock market has continued to rise. Although, we expect investors will receive a reality check very soon as companies stagger into the next corporate reporting season.

Given that the Australian stock market has been mirroring the movements of the US stock market in recent times, it is highly likely that the outcome of the US reporting season will impact our market in the second half of the year.

To learn what’s really happening in the US and to get a reality check of just how dire things are abroad, we will be joined by Manny Alicandro in tonight’s show, who is a New York based financial market expert. Manny will share what’s really going on in New York and Wall Street and will shed some light on whether this is going to be one of the worst reporting seasons in US history.

Manny Alicandro specializes in compliance, regulation, and governance. Manny is also an expert in the blockchain space focusing on the trading of digital assets and cryptocurrency. He brings his comprehensive knowledge of capital markets that he has gained through diverse leadership roles in alternative asset management, banking, consulting, and trading technology, as well as through senior roles at NASADQ and FINRA.

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