Will the Stock Markets Rise Post the US Election?

By Dale Gillham and Janine Cox |

Given that the Australian stock market reacts now, more than ever, to what is going on in the US, investors are feeling a little uncertain about the impact of the US election on our market and their investments. So, will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win and who will be better for the stock market?

Right now, given what occurred in the last US election, the outcome in this year’s election is anyone’s guess. Due to this uncertainty, some investors are considering exiting the market prior to the election to avoid any pitfalls should the stock markets crash.

Given this, Dale and Janine will look at the history of US elections in tonight’s show and the impact this has had on the stock market to see if it will provide a clear indication of how the Australian and US markets will unfold when the outcome of the US election is known, so you are prepared.

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