What Are You Doing to Improve Your Lifestyle?

Published 11 June 2019

So what are you doing to improve your lifestyle? Do you go to expos, seminars and/or workshops with the intent of gaining information and education to enhance your wealth or health but find you end up going home not having gained exactly what you desired?

On the weekend I was at a health expo watching people standing back afraid to ask questions and get the very help that will give them the answers they needed. It seems people are so afraid of getting sold something they don’t want or need, that they stay in their comfort zone and as a result they do not do enough research to ensure they are properly informed. 

Every day people make poor decisions and miss out on the wealth of opportunities that are right in front of them simply because they are afraid to ask questions. So, in this week’s Talking Wealth Podcast, Dale shares that if you desire more wealth, health and happiness, you need to empower yourself with more knowledge.

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