How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%

Using simple DIY share market investment strategies

How would you like to take control and invest directly in the sharemarket with confidence?

In this updated and revised edition of the bestselling book 'How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%', Dale Gillham, one of Australia's most respected analysts (Wealth Creator Magazine, Nov 04) and sought after keynote speaker, provides you with a practical and easy approach to trading the share market profitably and consistently, allowing you to take control of your investments and achieve better returns than most professional funds managers.

This trading book contains simple workable investment strategies including how to:

  • select winning stocks to suit your trading style 
  • construct a powerful portfolio that performs regardless of the market direction 
  • successfully reduce your risk and increase your probability of making a profit 
  • accelerate your profits using leverage 

This fascinating trading book shows how, by simply investing in some of Australia's biggest and strongest companies, you can not only achieve very profitable returns but also beat the managed funds by at least 20 per cent. 

"My intention when I wrote this book was to demonstrate how, if the managed funds were returning 10 per cent, you could make 12 per cent per annum. It would appear, however, that the simplicity of the strategies I outline not only amazed many readers, but inspired a lot to take control and invest directly to achieve very rewarding returns. How rewarding you ask? Would it surprise you to know that the average annual return I achieved trading the top 20 stocks on the Australian market over 10 years, as outlined in this book, was 52.09 per cent, which equates to an annual compounded return of 20.03 per cent. In comparison, the managed funds averaged an annual compounded return of around 8.4 per cent over the same period. So, in reality, I actually show you how you can beat the managed funds by over 138 per cent over the same period." Dale Gillham

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Family Capers

Dale Gillham has a very ‘easy to read’ style of writing. I felt like I was sitting with him and he was talking to me; answering my questions in a very simple, easily understood manner. Not only that; he is sufficiently confident of the methods and knowledge he imparts to tell the reader, very early on, that he “recommends you test his strategies to ensure it works for you”.

Recommended Age Group Markets - An investor of ANY age.

  • Features and Benefits of the Products
  • Easy to follow style of writing
  • Knowledge, ideas and strategies delivered in easy to follow manner
  • Easy to read charts supporting the story
  • Makes what at first appeared complex, now seem simple
  • Now far more comfortable in my understanding of investing in stocks

Being a newby to the idea of investing in stocks, my research has presented me with many ‘new’ concepts, most of which have had ‘frightening’ (read, confusing) bits within them. This book, How to beat the Managed Funds by 20% has not just allayed many of the fears, it has made some of those new concepts really simple to understand. The style is conversational and I found myself wanting more as each question I formed in my mind was being answered from the pages.

This book particularly appeals to me because it invites a good deal of planning. Not only that, it helps work out what to plan and how to plan it, as well as highlighting the results of the planning – less time wasted and more effective investing. With a leaning towards ‘not losing’, the writer leads on to where the successes lay.

This is an easy to read, easy to understand explanation of investing in stocks and has made my understanding of it all, much more clear. I for one will be making use of the suggestions towards growing my investments. Star Rating 5/5

Wealth Creator Magazine

If you haven’t previously had the confidence to take it upon yourself to invest in the sharemarket and have always sought outside advice, then Dale Gillham’s How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20% may just be the book to give you the confidence to go it alone.

Gillham offers straightforward do-it-yourself investment strategies for the novice and experienced investor including how to pick winning stocks to suit your trading style, construct a powerful portfolio that performs regardless of market direction, reduce your risks and increase your probability of making a profit and accelerate your profits using leverage.

The message of the book is to take control of your financial destiny. Superannuation and government handouts are not enough to support an ageing population.

Much like Mark Tier’s The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffet & George Soros, What You Can Learn from the World’s Richest Investors, Gillham puts forward more practical strategies that have worked for some of the world’s most successful investors and uses tables, diagrams and key points to back his contention.

How to Beat Managed Funds by 20% contains excellent information with simple, yet workable strategies to help your future.

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Your Trading Edge Magazine

The title might lead you to think that this is a book about using managed funds to do better than fund managers do, but it is much more than that. It is a guide both to designing portfolios, and to selecting the strategies and tactics to use within these portfolios.

People with knowledge of the markets may, like me, feel that this task is impossible to explore in 169 pages. But as a broad map showing the paths that need to be taken, the book is excellent. It is easy to read, not overly technical, and is full of well explained diagrams. Its clear layout leads the reader's thinking through key areas that need to be explored if consistent success is to be achieved.

If you are new to trading, think of this book as a good foundation on which you can build your personal wealth-creation strategies. If you are more experienced, think of this book as a keystone, the stone at the top of an arch that holds all the other stones in place.

However, readers must also realize that the book is only laying a foundation of process and procedure based on the psychology, values and beliefs of the author. While these are quite sound, they will seem too conservative to some and to others too risky. But after this journey through the author's logical presentation, readers will be much wiser and much more aware as a result of the time they have invested in the book, provided they do the necessary home work.

Dale Gillham does a good job of looking at the myths that have caused many people to come unstuck. After clarifying concepts he builds a solid case, based on sound reasoning supported by evidence, for the reader to consider his approach.

Australian Women's Money

Dale Gillham began investing in managed funds when he was 19 because he felt it would help him save regularly and give him a good deposit for a house in years to come.

Sadly after five years, he discovered he had less than half the funds he had initially invested. He learned the hard way that the return on shares does not always go up!

At this point he decided he had to take action to actively educate himself in order to achieve his financial goals. Two decades later he says his journey hasn't been easy, but it's been interesting and exciting.

And he discovered something he shares with his readers, that you don't have to be a genius or a rocket scientist to achieve consistently profitable returns in the share market.

'The only way for women to truly develop financial independence is to take control of their financial situation and manage their own funds,' says author Dale Gillham, founder and Director of investment advisory company, Wealth Within.

'Many women choose to have a 'professional' manage their money for them because it's an easy option,' he says. 'Yet, when women invest directly themselves, they are often better investors than men'.

'Managed funds may offer comfort and a perceived good return but in reality they cost more, make you less and do not offer more security. But, by learning the basics of the share market and a few simple strategies, most women can begin to make confident financial decisions for themselves and achieve better returns.'

Gillham has not only achieved a profitable return of 30 per cent consistently on the Australian share market for himself, but through Wealth Within has helped more than 6,000 ordinary people on their way towards wealth creation.

The book begins by helping you do a reality check on your investments, debunks some myths about managed funds, shows you how to take back control of your money and gives you tips on how to build your portfolio, all of this in an easy to understand, actionable style of writing.

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Money Magazine

Squarely aimed at the managed fund investor who thinks they are paying too much and getting too little, this book is a useful starter kit for building your own portfolio. Despite the crowd-pleaser title, it favours a steady-as-she-goes approach to investing in the sharemarket and only advocates more complicated steps when simpler ones are fully mastered.

The author, a financial analyst with 20 years in the financial services industry, spends the early chapters putting the boot in the managed funds industry before going back to investment basics.

Some of Gillham's golden rules include the sound advice of never investing more than 20% of your capital in any one stock, and he stresses that portfolios of between five and 12 stocks are likely to yield the best returns. There are clear explanations of fundamental and technical analysis as well as clear explanations about how to use trend lines.

Summing up: Overall a handy book if you believe the best way to learn about the sharemarket is to give it a go.

Charter Magazine

As managed funds are becoming more crucial to investment plans, more Australians are seeking guidance. This practical and simple to use book shows you how to gain the highest returns without the need to seek professional help.

With over 20 years' experience in the financial services industry, Gillham is also an authorised financial analyst for his own company called Wealth Within.

The text is easy to read and explanations are geared towards the novice investor. The 10 well laid-out chapters all conclude with key points to summarise and clarify previous reading.

Gillham uses simple share market strategies which are also low risk. Topics covered include how to pick winning stocks to suit your personal trading style and how to accelerate your profits using leverage.

This book offers a comfortable launching pad into the world of investing.

Launceston Examiner

Gillham shows why managed funds may not be the ultimate investment that they're promoted to be.

Strict guidelines on the fund managers' trades can be counter-productive and you can achieve better results by taking a more hands-on approach.

Gillham explains in simple terms how investing directly in the share market can achieve your investment goals.

His main focus is on the top 20 to top 150 stocks, and watching these on a monthly basis with the help of charting and trend lines.

A very good book for those wanting to invest in the share market as it gives you some firm, workable and effective guidelines.

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Herald Sun

Many Australians include managed funds as a critical element of their investment plans, with most believing that expert advice brings the highest returns. However, this simple do-it-yourself share market investment book claims to help you achieve great returns without professional help. Suitable for beginners as well as seasoned investors, this book debunks investment myths while helping readers plan and manage a portfolio to achieve better returns. June 2004

Zest for Life

The title says it all, How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20% - and this book delivers exactly what it promises.

How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20% outlines how brokers and fund managers are eating up your profits and how, by following some simple strategies, you can beat the so called 'experts' at their own game. It also provides a practical and easy approach to investing directly in the share market that will enable even the inexperienced investor to achieve very profitable returns.

The author of the book, respected technical analyst and trader Dale Gillham, shows that by simply investing in some of Australia's biggest and strongest companies, you can not only achieve very profitable returns, but also beat the managed funds by at least twenty per cent.

He also explains how you can:

  • Achieve maximum diversification in a portfolio and minimum risk by investing in as few as five to twelve stocks
  • Construct a powerful portfolio regardless of the market direction
  • Retire on a sustainable income by using leverage to accelerate your profits

How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%

Using simple DIY share market investment strategies.

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