Retire Comfortably: Stock Markets for Beginners

Dale Gillham, Chief Analyst and Head Trainer of Wealth Within

By Dale Gillham |

Retirees enjoying the good life

It’s never too early to start preparing for retirement, but as time passes, you must know what savings you need to continue living a good quality of life. According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia’s Retirement Standard, a single Australian requires $50,207.02 annually to retire comfortably.

Would your current superannuation fund support a comfortable retirement as a white-collar worker? In many cases, Australians must opt for a modest lifestyle once they retire because that’s all they can afford.

But there are other options. More and more people are learning how to trade shares to provide an additional income stream and peace of mind for themselves and their families to support them once they retire.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can learn to invest confidently and competently, even if you’re a beginner.

Could you achieve a healthier, happier retirement?

As you get older, your job can feel more demanding and straining. Whether you sit behind a desk or you’re dealing with the public, both physical and mental impacts are placed upon you, which can worsen as you age.

Common health complaints among white-collar workers include work-related stress, neck and back pain, sleep problems, eyesight issues, depression and more. In an era where the Pension Age in Australia is 65½ (expected to keep rising), health issues are a growing concern for older workers.

Additionally, ageing employees may need to be more capable of performing their roles to the same standard. Reaction times and memory can slow down, so although white-collar workers tend to retire later than blue-collar workers, the strain on their mental state may still be significant.

That’s why more people are putting their health first and finding alternatives to extending the length of their careers. By learning to invest in shares, you could retire earlier and still be financially comfortable - not to mention lessen the stress on your mind and body. Being able to trade in the stock market profitably means that families across Australia can still enjoy what they like (such as holidays, cars, boats, etc.) and have the funds to provide a high-quality education for their kids.

The benefits of learning to trade

You could still learn to trade with the right resources even if you’ve never worked in finance, business or accounting. Wealth Within provides Australia’s highest standard of education in share trading, taking the guesswork out of investments for people like you.

Here are just some reasons to properly educate yourself in the stock market, even if you’re a complete beginner:

  • You can watch all the YouTube and tutorial videos you like, but they often provide conflicting advice that doesn’t account for market predictions and human psychology. Learning with Wealth Within delivers the knowledge and practical skills you need for success.
  • While the stock market's average return fluctuates, overall annual increases over ten years. A long-term investment could see attractive returns.
  • Profitable shares can contribute nicely to your retirement nest egg, often more lucrative than other assets.
  • Backing yourself with the proper knowledge lowers the risk of investment and is recommended over unthinkingly entering the market.

Start on the right foot with How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%. This bestselling book by Dale Gillham provides simple DIY market share strategies with an easy, practical way to approach the share market so you can reduce your risk and increase your chances of making a profit. You may also want to consider his latest award-winning book, Accelerate Your Wealth - It's Your Money, Your Choice.

How to make extra money when you retire

The share market isn’t black-and-white, as so many online “experts” would seem to suggest. There are also no quick wins and tips that work for every market. To become a profitable trader, you must develop a trader's mindset, educate yourself and stay focused on your investment goals.

In such a volatile and risky landscape, it pays to invest in your knowledge - failing to do so can lead to financial losses.

Professional and retail investors across Australia benefit from learning to trade the stock market with Wealth Within. Equipped with advice from industry experts, the tools for success and a mentor to keep you on track, our students learn techniques to analyse the market with more certainty than over 95% of other traders.

We offer Australia’s only government-accredited and internationally recognised share trading course, designed for complete beginners and those who have already entered the market but would like to learn additional trading strategies to ensure they are profitable in any market condition. We recommend starting with the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment or the Trading Mentor Course

The testimonials and reviews from Wealth Within students reflect how learning to trade can genuinely change your life.

Invest in yourself

Begin the journey towards financial freedom with Wealth Within. Equip yourself with the tools you need to trade in stocks confidently; we have the books and trading courses to advance your knowledge and place you in an advantageous position. To speak to a team member, call 1300 858 272 or Email, and they will provide you with any further information you need.

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Invest in yourself. Study with Wealth Within now to fast track your stock market education and begin the journey toward financial freedom. Because lifestyle matters!

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