Investment Bundle

Get the best of both worlds with our all inclusive investment bundle

What Dale Gillham shares will explode the many common myths about trading and investing, and provide you with a  practical and easy to understand approach to taking profits from the stock market on a consistent basis.

Regardless if you are new to the stock market or you have been trading for sometime and still experiencing challenges, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to improve the profits you take from the market so you accelerate your wealth. 

What's included in the investment bundle: 

  • DVD: Seeds of Wealth
  • DVD: How to Create a Powerful Portfolio
  • Book: How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%,
  • Book: Accelerate Your Wealth, It's Your Money, Your Choice!

Dale reveals:

  • How to select winning stocks to suit your investing style
  • How to stop losing and start making money
  • How to create capital gain and cash flow regardless of market direction
  • How to outperform the managed funds by 20%
  • The secrets to building a powerful portfolio 
  • How to accelerate your profits using leverage, safely and conservatively
  • The power of compounding your investments
  • Why you need a trading plan, and roadmap before you invest your hard earned money 
  • How to construct a powerful portfolio for your Self-Managed Super Fund or personal investments 
  • Simple trading strategies that will let you determine market direction and sentiment 
  • Trading for a lifestyle 
  • Achieving financial independence 
  • Plus a whole lot more 

DVD: How to Create a Powerful Portfolio

In this entertaining and informative two hour presentation on How to Create a Powerful Portfolio, Dale provides you with timeless strategies you can start using today to better manage your portfolio, which will enable you to increase your returns while lowering your risk.

DVD: Seeds of Wealth 

Packed with information you can use straight away, the Seeds of Wealth presentation will put you in the driver's seat of your financial future so you become one of the 10 per cent who consistently profit from the stock market.

Book: How to Beat the Managed Funds By 20%

As a bestselling book, How to Beat the Managed Funds has helped tens of thousands of individuals secure their financial future. Dale shows you how by simply investing in some of Australia's biggest and strongest companies, you can not only achieve very profitable returns but also beat the managed funds by more than 20 per cent.If you haven't previously had the confidence to take it upon yourself to invest in the stock market and have always sought outside advice, then this book may just be the book to give you the confidence to go it alone. 

Book: Accelerate Your Wealth - It's your money, your choice!

Dale provides you with another compelling book on why investors and traders should take the bull by the horns and invest directly in the stock market. If you are serious about wanting to grow your wealth by investing in the stock market, then Accelerate Your Wealth is a 'must-read'. 

Price: A$119.95

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