Traders Pack

Accelerate your wealth using some simple but powerful stock market investment strategies

Regardless of what you know about the stock market, whether you're a total beginner, currently trading, or a sophisticated investor, you will benefit from Dale Gillham's powerful knowledge and information about how the market works, and how you can make money from it.

The strategies and methodologies you will learn are presented in his down to earth, easy to understand manner that will give you the confidence to take control of your stock market investments.

Those who follow these strategies are able to achieve better returns than the majority of professionals and pocket the fees they would otherwise pay to have someone else manage their money.

What's included in the traders pack:

  • DVD: How to Create a Powerful Portfolio
  • DVD: Seeds of Wealth
  • Book: Accelerate Your Wealth

Dale reveals:

  • How to create capital gain and cash flow regardless of market direction,
  • How to accelerate your profits using leverage, safely and conservatively,
  • The power of compounding your investments,
  • Why you need a trading plan and roadmap before you invest your hard earned money, 
  • Simple but powerful trading strategies that will let you determine market direction and sentiment, 
  • Trading for a lifestyle, and
  • How to achieve financial independence.

DVD: How to Create a Powerful Portfolio

In this informative and entertaining presentation, Dale uncovers what you need to know to create a powerful portfolio to achieve very profitable returns in the stock market. He leads you, step by step, through the process, so that you can implement what you've been taught straight away.

DVD: Seeds of Wealth

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in trading the stock market, while others fail? Have you always wanted to learn the strategies of the top 10 per cent who consistently make money? Well now you can. In his down to earth style, Dale communicates in the Seeds of Wealth presentation why including the top stocks in your investment portfolio is the key to your financial future. He also demystifies many of the so-called myths that hold many back from achieving long-term wealth. Through his logical and practical approach, Dale provides you with a number of powerful do-it-yourself strategies that will allow you to confidently take control of your investments.

Book: Accelerate Your Wealth - It's your money, your choice!

Dale provides you with another compelling book on why investors and traders should take the bull by the horns and invest directly in the stock market. Those who follow the strategies outlined in Accelerate Your Wealth are able to achieve better returns than the majority of professionals and pocket the fees they would otherwise pay to have someone else manage your money.

Price: A$99.95

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